noun  |  plural but singular in construction  |  \kə-ˈnē-siks, kī-, -ziks\
: the study of the way in which certain body movements and gestures serve as a form of communication

An alt-rock group based in Denver, Kinesics is inspired by Daughter, Pinegrove, and the spirit of Saddle Creek, apparent in their impactful lyrics with almost too many words packed into each line and spacey instrumentation. The songwriting in this project primarily functions as a processing mechanism for everyday communication and interaction. Sometimes for coping with Game of Thrones

Kinesics is Kenzi Everitt on vocals/guitar, Jason Barteck on guitar, Malena Roberts on bass, and Corban Roberts on drums. Currently working on their first album, they are excited to take their time with the process and anticipate release in mid-2018. They also enjoy crafting, craft beer, and going on double dates.

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